Which tools can I use?

Each user (regular user and verified curators) has access to the following curator’s tools:

  • Rate and Earn program (for more details see section (link to that section)

  • Art Review: this is a Tinder-like game, where you are shown artworks one by one and choose whether it is a Gem or not.

  • Digital art feed: get access to art from the top platforms. No more switching between platforms—you have it all in one place to choose from.

  • Curatorial boards: organize the great digital art you find by using boards to classify and store artworks. You can easily keep track of your collection and quickly find the artworks you need for your projects or presentations. You can also share the board with your team or colleagues, enabling collaboration and easy access to the artworks.

  • Curator’s Choice: don’t hesitate, submit your own Curator’s choice. For more details, see the Curator’s Choice section.

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