What is the process of reviewing Curator’s Choice?

After you submit your Curator’s Choice, it goes to the Curatorial Council for review. Members of the Curatorial Council place a vote on it. During the voting process your Curator’s Choice has “In Review” status.

At least one or two in-house curators (depending on the number of members of the Council at the moment of submission) need to vote YES to move forward with the Curator’s Choice. This will change the Curator’s choice status to “Text Editing”. After that our in-house curators will contact you via email. This is a starting point for discussion and our curators will also provide an editor to make sure we deliver the best choices to our platform. Our team will confirm the scope, the text, and the publication date.

If the Curatorial Council didn’t approve the Curators’ Choice, the status will be changed to “Rejected”.

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