How to create your own Curator’s Choice?

Curator’s Choice is a special feature where curators choose the best works from various platforms on the Web3 and bring them together under an idiosyncratic curatorial framework. You can see some examples here. Now, users and verified curators have the opportunity to submit their own Curator’s choice and if they are approved by the Curatorial Council, they will be published alongside the choices of our in-house curators and guest curators.

Each Curator’s Choice is focused on a specific subject depending on the research interests of the curator. Your submission must contain the following structural elements:

  • Title (max 40 characters with spaces)

  • Short description (max 60 characters with spaces);

  • Concept (max 250 words)

  • 6–12 works with short (max 100 words) descriptions of each work by the curator.

  • Bio (short biography of the curator)

  • Portrait (avatar photo, preferably in color)

To submit your choice you need to do the following:

  1. Log into the platform using your crypto wallet.

  2. Explore art all over Web3 to find inspiration for your Curator’s Choice.

  3. You can create a board dedicated to your Curator’s Choice and keep ideas and artworks there

  4. Navigate to read all Curator’s Choice pages -

  1. Press the Create button

  1. You will land in the Curator’s Choice editor.

Add the Curator’s Choice title. Keep it short and concise, up to 40 characters.

Add the curatorial concept, ideally no more than 250 words.

Choose artworks from either the board you already created and press “Add from the board” or from the feed by clicking the Browse button. Important note: it is NOT possible to use a collection as part of a Curator’s Choice

Add text to each artwork. Keep it short, 1–2 paragraphs, max 100 words per work.

  1. When you are done with Curator’s Choice, prepare your avatar or photo and your bio and submit your Curator’s Choice by pressing Submit in the upper right corner.

Filling out your profile

After pressing Submit you will be prompted to provide your email, photo, name, and bio. You only need to provide it once. When you submit your next Curators’ Choice we will use your existing profile.

It is important that you provide your email address. Our curatorial team will connect to you via email to discuss your Curator’s Choice in detail. Our editor will offer help to improve your text, if needed.

Press Submit to finalize your submission.

How to add artworks from the board

Navigate to your Curator’s Choice draft (Curator’s Tools -> Your Curator’s Choices)

Scroll to the bottom of your choice, press “Add from board”

Select the target board

How to add artworks from the feed

Go to feed

Select the artwork, press bookmark icon

Choose “Add to Curator’s Choice”, then choose the right Curator’s Choice

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